76 Km Suitable for experienced cyclists Elevation Gain: + 2.760 m - Total Descent: 2.490 m - Maximum Altitude Reached: 2.230m

In Ormea and Tanaro Valley the ancient memory of Saracen rule lives on in the place names, folklore and food. This tour crosses the Maritime Alps from Ormea to Limone, through the rugged landscapes of the Upper Tanaro, which is known as Torrente Negrone in its highest reaches, and then continues along the spectacular panoramic Upper Salt Road in the opposite direction to itinerary 2.

From Ormea, head to Viozene, motor vehicles can travel via the normal road, while cyclists can use the cycle route on the right bank of the Tanaro as far as Ponte di Nava, and then join the main road to Viozene. Alternatively, Viozene can be reached from the hamlet of Quarzina along the “Balconata di Ormea”, a pleasant cultural-tourist trail at medium altitude through rustic villages and scattered farms. Beyond Viozene, the carriageable road passes through the wild Gola delle Fascette, with tunnels and stretches with sheer drops as far as Upega. Continue on the main road towards Monesi, among the splendid larch trees of the Bosco delle Navette. Just before Colletta delle Salse, near the bridge over the Rio Giairetto, turn off the sealed road and proceed on the right among the conifers, joining the Upper Salt Road at the Navette entrance a little further along.

Continue on the Limone-Monesi road heading north towards Limone in the upper reaches of the Bosco delle Navette, then skirt the grassy pyramid of Cima di Pertegà, and cross the Flamargal Pass to reach the Don Barbera mountain hut at Colle dei Signori. The road crosses the desolate Carsene Basin at the foot of Punta Marguareis, dotted with rocky outcrops and geological formations. From Colle della Boaria, the road leads to the spectacular, exposed hairpin bend cut out the rock known as Zabriskie Point. It continues with gentle ascents and descents on the Piedmontese side, before crossing Colletto Campanin, with a series of fine masonry bends. You will soon pass the Cabanaira toll entrance, near a ski lift, and approach the Colle di Tenda fortifications, from which a sealed road gently descends to Limone 1400 and Cuneo.



Limone Piemonte, Ormea-Upega di Briga Alta, Triora, Pigna, La Brigue and Tenda; plus entrances from Valle Gesso and Valle Pesio for hikers and mountain bikers only. Tickets can be purchased locally at the tollbooths in Limone and Briga Alta.




Access to the Alta Via del Sale is subject to specific Regulations aimed at preserving the road and the surrounding area, and at ensuring the safety of those who access it (walkers, cyclists and motor vehicles). Visitors must be aware of and respect the rules contained within them, determined by the conditions of the route (narrow roadway, lack of protective barriers, etc.) and marked by signage at the entrances to it and along it. The road can be reached by motor vehicle from six different access points: Limone Piemonte, Ormea-Upega di Briga Alta, Triora, Pigna, La Brigue and Tenda; and from the entrances in Valle Gesso and Valle Pesio, exclusively for experienced hikers and mountain bikers (in good physical condition).
Entrance is free of charge for hikers and cyclists, while the road is open to motor vehicles upon payment of a toll, payable here, or at the entrances in Limone Piemonte, Cabanaira, Bosco delle Navette, Ponte Giairetto and Briga Alta.
The stretch of the road between Loxe (Briga Alta) and Cabanaira (Limone Piemonte) is accessible only to motor vehicles (suitable for driving on unsealed mountain roads) in possession of a transit permit. 
The road is closed to motor vehicles all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is open every day to walkers and cyclists.
In the case of unforeseen circumstances – including weather conditions – affecting safety, the local authorities may nonetheless prohibit transit even to holders of valid permits.




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